Troubleshooting Guide

To assist you in resolving your unique problem, this step-by-step guide provides an interactive resolution process. To begin, choose the Trimlight system you are using from the options below, and then follow the interactive guide designed for that system. This interactive guide offers a straightforward and easy solution to your specific issue.


Product Warranty Registration

To be eligible for the lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer on parts, kindly complete this form with comprehensive details. Failure to answer all the questions in detail may lead to a delay in processing your warranty claim or render the assumed warranty invalid.

Understanding Your Trimlight Edge System

We aim to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of your Trimlight Edge System. Here, you will gain access to informative videos that address various issues, including how to connect your system to the Trimlight Controller.


Wifi-104 Self Help

To access a comprehensive guide on setting up your Trimlight system’s WiFi connection, simply click on the link below. Click on the button to learn more about this step-by-step process.

Repair Request Form

We understand that experiencing issues with electronics, particularly those involving high amp output and WiFi connection variables, is frustrating. However, please note that such systems require occasional maintenance or repair, even with the best quality products.

That’s why we offer an outstanding warranty to our valued customers. To ensure prompt and efficient service, we kindly request you provide us with information regarding the issue you are facing. This will enable us to prepare and take appropriate measures to serve you better.