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Outdoor holiday lights add to the ambiance of your home or business, and thanks to the permanent holiday lighting solutions offered at West Valley Trimlight, you can enjoy the effects throughout the year. Our lights highlight the design elements of your home and are customized to blend in perfectly with the lines of the roof.

Our trim lights for the house are installed along the fascia, ensuring a discrete yet highly effective way to add illumination, security, and accent lighting to the exterior of any residence or commercial building in and around Litchfield Park, AZ.
Permanent Residential Trim Lighting Litchfield AZ
Trimlight Installation For House Litchfield AZ

Residential and Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Choosing us for your holiday lighting provides a year-round solution for all your exterior lighting needs. Our systems are fully automated and programmable, allowing you to adjust the colors of the lighting, add sequences, or choose specific areas of the home or building to light.

In addition to the winter holiday season, our trim lights for the house can be used to celebrate your favorite sports teams, add a Halloween themed look, or illuminate your house for July 4th or any other special occasion.

West Valley Trimlight provides professional holiday lighting installation that is ideal for use throughout the year. Our installation crews pay attention to every detail, ensuring your exterior lighting is everything you imagined and more. We can also install lights on other buildings on the property, including gazebos, pergolas, patios, and decks.

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Providing bright, beautiful and customizable lighting for churches, community centers, parks, etc.

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