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West Valley Trimlight offers an amazing option for permanent holiday lighting that serves triple duty for safety, security, and illumination throughout the year. We offer trim lights for houses and commercial buildings in and around Avondale, AZ, that are discrete, durable, and long-lasting, while also offering fully programmable control.

Our professional holiday lighting installation is customized to the various roof areas of the home. The system can be set with multiple timers, different sequences of lights, and turn sections of the lighting on and off, all with the touch of a button.

In addition, our residential and commercial LED outdoor lighting provides an amazing 16 million different color options, allowing you to use our lights for any holiday or special event. The lights can also be used as standard white lights, but with so many color options, you are never limited in your selection.

Permanent Residential Trim Lighting Avondale AZ
Trimlight Installation For House Avondale AZ

Professional Christmas Light Installation

As a home or business owner in Avondale, AZ, installing our permanent lighting solutions means you never have to worry about trying to put up and take down holiday lights. It also eliminates the annual cost of hiring a company to do the work, while providing your property with additional curb appeal throughout the year.

We offer a lifetime warranty and use only the top lighting solutions, with our bulbs rated to last for 50,000 hours of use. This means over 17 years of illumination, even if you keep the lights on for 8 hours every day of the year.

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